10 Small Balcony Garden Ideas: How To Dress Up Your Balcony

If you live in the city with limited outdoor space, you know the struggle of bringing beautiful greenery into your life. Luckily, even a small patio or small balcony garden, can transform into a small patch of paradise.

We’ve showcased some ideas to turn your small outdoor space into a beautiful green oasis.

small balcony garden ideas

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday cramped living with these apartment balcony garden or greenery ideas. And even better, you can do it yourself!

If you have a bit of backyard space but it doesn’t feel quite roomy enough, check out these ways to create different a getaway zone.

This balcony design is pretty much a bedroom with a huge chair that you can practically lay on with a simple snake plant (tips on Sansevieria plant care) to bring nature in. The quaint little decor like the bicycle and candles add to the decorative feel… in the middle of the city.

The rich wood on the floor and wall works well for hanging planters full of succulents and the Bella palm.

Cozy balcony with flowers and seating.

This small balcony heavily embellished with lots of cloth and densely packed plants. The area looks tight but gives a sense of royalty, and an excellent place to relax with morning coffee or a glass of wine at night.

The gray color palette carries through from the flooring through the metal table and chairs to the back wall and hanging “pocket” planters. Almost any flower color would POP in this planters setting. Perfect for a hanging balcony herb garden.

source: tertunder.blog.hu

This small balcony has a nice natural lighting to it to brighten up your mood.

With the bright wood on the floor and the rocks surrounding it with a large swinging chair, and bamboo wall makes for a perfect place to relax.

Cozy balcony with lights and plants.

The addition of rope lighting along the wood edge could add an interesting ambience during the evening hours.

This balcony decorated heavily with plants begins a little “balcony vegetable garden” to the city.

You can also try planting some herbs for your spices. The striped chair gives you a vantage point to admire the vegetation. All at the same time, admiring the city.

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Even in a busy city, a small space balcony can still become a gathering place for friends, despite its size.

The clear barriers make the space appear less confined What’s missing? A few pots of herbs or flowers!

This small balcony carries almost a “formal” feel yet appears cozy for any visiting guests. A nice view overlooking the park and city skyline a few plants on the metal railing to add some color would be nice.

The wooden flooring adds a rustic feel to the balcony. There even seems that several solar lights line the balcony railings.

source: casa.voozbrasil.com
If your small balcony lacks a bit of style, this simple, clean balcony retreat offers some ideas.

Wooden panels on the wall hold ferns and potted golden pothos plant, a table base from an old tree trunk and seating which underneath holds additional storage.

It looks like the Bird of Paradise needs replacing! Otherwise nicely done!

source: tertunder.blog.hu

No need for a small balcony to look boring! A simple, attractive wood flooring, add some funky throw pillows and bright colored flower pots to greet you every morning, and to relax with you at night.

Flowers (pink hydrangea) and foliage everywhere, a nice hardwood floor and a colorful striped mat laying on it, also there is a cute table with a green cover on top of it, invites you outdoors!

Cozy balcony garden with plants and chair.

Don’t forget to select the most suitable containers for plants you decide to add.

This balcony garden design with two chairs looks like where an active twenty-something unwinds after a long day.

The rug and a table on the balcony brings a relaxing feel to the outdoors. The parlor palm, ivy, and variegated peperomia obtustifolia bring a little nature to the view.

Lush balcony garden with plants and flowers.

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Sunny balcony garden with cozy seating and lush plants.

This small balcony shows some of the “possibilities” one can achieve with a relatively narrow space and low cost. You can make use of many plants to improve the appearance of this space.

The vine trellis/canopy uses what appears as simple bamboo stakes turned horizontally, and tied to PVC pipes.

The vertical make the area seems full of plants without taking up space. Snakes plants help break up the back wall. A simple bamboo type fencing blocks the view from below.

This balcony expands the indoor living area and flows right outdoors. The containers with grown bamboo offers some privacy screening, but still allows air and a view of the street below.

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Cozy garden deck with lush plants and seating.



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