How Often Do Monstera Grow New Leaves?

Monstera plants put out new leaves at the growth points of the stems. Typically, this happens about once a month, but the length may be as long as every 6 weeks.

The speed with which monstera leaves are produced depends upon the individual plant’s growth rate. A rapidly growing plant (e.g., during the spring and summer growing season) will produce leaves faster.

Monstera at Gaylord in Nashville Tenn, 2023

Overall growth will slow down in the wintertime because this is the plant’s dormant season.

Monstera Leaf Growth & Care Q&A

1. How Big Can A Monstera Plant Grow?

Outdoors, in its native environments of Mexico and Panama, Monstera plants can grow to be 30′ feet high with a spread of about 15′ feet without support.

Then, with the support of a tree or other framework, they will grow until they run out of support.
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As a houseplant, you can expect your plant to reach a maximum height and spread of about 9′ feet.

As they mature, Monstera plants grow bigger leaves with gorgeous splits and fenestrations.

It’s easy to control this growth indoors with regular pruning. Pruning will also encourage more new leaf growth.

Stunning Monstera

2. How Do You Prune A Monstera?

Look at your plant from all sides to determine the shape you want and which part of the growth you want to remove.

Then, do the following:

  • Use a very sharp, clean-cutting implement to cut just above leaf nodes at or near your chosen length.
  • At the point of your cut, two new leaves will grow.
  • After you have trimmed away all of the unwanted parts of your plant, you can use the pruned material as cuttings to produce new plants.
  • You may wish to simply poke one or two cuttings into your existing plant’s soil. They will set roots and grow with regular care, making your plant appear fuller and bushier.
  • You can also start individual cuttings in water or small pots of soil to create new plants or share them with others.


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